Decisions, Decisions

All other things being equal, in most decisions:

  • we owe no duty to worry
  • we owe no duty to be afraid
  • how many times has life as we know it crumbled,  yet, here we are, writing or reading this?
  • rarely are we spared the consequences of our decisions
    how would fear and anxiety spare us, protect us from, or mitigate, such adverse consequences?
  • this is not about bereavement
  • this is not about harm to others
  • this is about living with the consequences of the overwhelming majority of the types of our decisions

A Riddle

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Q: What’s one good thing about brain damage?

A: When you get out of bed in the morning– even without fainting or tripping, and falling–
you don’t have to worry about combing your hair.





For All Victims In Las Vegas,
and Loved Ones

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Fair-Use Doctrine claimed on image from .gov .

May you rest in peace.

May your pain, sorrow, anger, or vengefulness, morph into pleasant memories.

For everyone, p l e a s e, let’s postpone the debate about the Second Amendment.  At times like these, such debate would miss the point, and would be most unseemly.

Well…I always have been
accused of having a “thick skull”…

Well, I always have been accused of having a "thick skull" Were there any doubts, they're now gone.
…so, were there any doubts, they’re now gone.


Minor brain damage, but as you can see, I’m taking no chances.

It’s the good ol’ fall/faint — faint/fall deal.  Among several other faint/falls, I fainted and collided my car with my own carport.  Coming-to some time later (the sky seemed darker) was weird. I could not remember (and still cannot) where I had been, nor colliding with the carport.

At that point, I knew I needed help.   Went to the hospital.  They found several subdural hematomas.  However,  these were self-healing.  So, it was not necessary to drain the subdural area.

The headaches and disequilibrium continue.  But much more mild than before my hospital visit.  And, to my knowledge, I have not fainted since before the hospital.

Yet, if the serious trend returns, I can’t think of any warning.  Thus the helmet plus a walker.  And I’m selling my car, and then turning-in my license (turning-in the license later because until I can sell the car, no-license probably would violate the car-lease terms).  I shall not drive again.  I couldn’t live with the death or serious injury of another, because of my continuing driving despite all these warnings, on my conscience.