Defy the stigma.

Break the silence.

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“Three Billboards Outside
Ebbing, Missouri”

Director: Martin McDonagh
Writer: Martin McDonagh


Frances McDormand
Woody Harrelson
Sam Rockwell


Can you afford it? Does its motive change its cost?

McDormand hits yet another out of the park.  Again demonstrates her versatility.   That's just a fancy expression of, She is an actor.   That can't be said of every Hollywood A-List'r.

Harrelson and Rockwell shine.   They again demonstrate, also, They are actors.

Domestic-distribution recommendation: buy
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Another Valentine's Day gone by and again,
I didn't get an invitation to Starbucks from Sigourney Weaver!
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Best regards to all for
Valentine’s-Day fulfillment

And, maybe, to someone in particular. Somewhere. Sometime. Maybe.

Oh-- almost forgot-- that thing through the heart: Is it an arrow?
Or a 7.62?
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“Where the Streets Have no Name”


What place, or state of mind or heart, do you think Bono sings of?

And if it's a state of mind or heart, how might you interpret it?

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