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H-LOTS“Homicide:  Life on the Street”, aka “H-LOTS”:

My favorite police-procedural TV show. On NBC in the 1990’s. Back-stories, plots, character-development, dialogue, and, of course, action. The whole, real, deal. Speaking of dialogue, includes some of the favorite quotes of my life.

Season Seven, Episode 12
“The Same Coin”

Giardello Jr.:   “So, the guy lives, what, maybe half-a-century without ever managing to get arrested, only to become the hood ornament on someone else’s four-wheeler? How fair is that?”

Bayliss:   “When it comes to life, I think that a probability-curve is the only thing that we’re entitled to.”

Munch:   “Life itself should come with a money-back guarantee: If not completely satisfied, return unused portion for a full refund.”

Giardello Jr.:   “Put up a return-window on the department-store of life, you gotta figure the universe goes bust in four days.”

Bayliss:   “Right. No satisfied customers at all”.

If you feel familiar with Detective John Munch (ably-portrayed by Richard Belzer) but have not seen this show, there may be a reason:  in an NBC series mash-up, the character Munch appeared in both “H-LOTS”, and, “Law and Order: SVU”.

Photo used by permission. No! Really! I bought the poster.

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