Decisions, Decisions

All other things being equal, in most decisions:

  • we owe no duty to worry
  • we owe no duty to be afraid
  • how many times has life as we know it crumbled,  yet, here we are, writing or reading this?
  • rarely are we spared the consequences of our decisions
    how would fear and anxiety spare us, protect us from, or mitigate, such adverse consequences?
  • this is not about bereavement
  • this is not about harm to others
  • this is about living with the consequences of the overwhelming majority of the types of our decisions

A Riddle

hair riddlepub
Q: What’s one good thing about brain damage?

A: When you get out of bed in the morning– even without fainting or tripping, and falling–
you don’t have to worry about combing your hair.