…the joke…is on…me…oh…shite…

Somehow stumbled over this today.  Picked it up long-ago shortly after one of the three
Lance Armstrong cancer-cure fund-raising (?!?) “Ride for the Roses” in Austin TX my dear late brother (sole sibling) and I shared in the last three years of my brother’s life.

I hope before all here and above I have forgiven Armstrong.  But that would not erase my deep sense of betrayal, especially on behalf of my brother.  Oh, but, I hope, that latter part is OK:  where I hope my brother now is, I think he also has forgiven this man, and, moreover, feels no betrayal at all.  Besides…he’s the big brother…he’s quite capable of handling himself without my help!

And it needs to be said:  we active cyclists (well, at the time, I was capable of being an active cyclist!) who followed Armstrong, we also are guilty.  After TDF win #4, there was in the backs of our skulls this emerging, disturbing reminder, If it seems too good to be true, that is simply because it is too good to be true).  But we chose denial. Or, we screened it out with a white noise of wanting it to be true, of wanting a hero in that wretched period of time.

So, justly, the joke indeed is on me.

Image scanned and shamelessly published w/out consent.
Although, somehow, I don't think SportsIll (oh, that never
was a more true statement)would mind...

© Landis McGauhey

My Farewell Salute To Cycling

20131217_155007pub Of which the end of 13 years– three w/o a car– of avid devotion, has left me at least 40 lbs heavier and at least six inches wider. Had to quit to fulfill a promise to myself I would quit if I became a hazard. Well, that suddenly happened about a year ago with an acute loss of aerobic capacity and acute loss of situational awareness.

In that period, I’ve had to purchase new wardrobes three times!


Oh! Almost forgot. And also there was the small detail of having to lease a car.