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Good cinema is magic. Good cinema is transcendent. Drop your coin at the box office, enter a dusky room, and within moments you are anywhere at any time. Escapist? Mmmmm…could be: it is no coincidence two of America’s greatest features–Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz— premiered during the Great Depression. But– far from escaping– also we can embrace reality– better-understand ourselves, others, and what’s happening– with the help of good cinema.

“Three Billboards Outside
Ebbing, Missouri”

Director: Martin McDonagh Writer: Martin McDonagh featuring Frances McDormand Woody Harrelson Sam Rockwell Anger Can you afford it? Does its motive change its cost? McDormand hits yet another out of the park.  Again demonstrates her versatility.   That’s just a fancy … Continue reading

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W. O. W.

Thelma 2017 Executive Producer:  Sigve Endresen Director:  Joachim Trier Language:  Norwegian (w/English subtitles) Brilliant, yet accessible. Accessible even for we who must rely on subtitles. Subtitles generally risk distraction. Not here. Compelling. The first scene is brief. Yet, it is … Continue reading

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“Finding Dory”

Finally!  I know where to meet Sigourney Weaver!

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Star Bores, Epis…meh

— warning:  major spoiler — Long story short: Episode Four Redux with Luke replacing Obi-Wan. I simply don’t have time and energy to enumerate my reasons for this comparative judgement.  Nor do I have time or energy to enumerate the other … Continue reading

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Farewell, Obsolete Tradition

Good Kill USA release April 2014 USA now available domestic-release “Why do we wear flightsuits?” — “Thomas Egan, Major, USAF” (Ethan Hawke) to his squadron commander — “Jack Johns, Lt. Col., USAF” (Bruce Greenwood) Considerable numbers of casualties– ironically– and … Continue reading

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