Did I say “Bike”..?

…I think I meant, “Golf”.

Yeah, I’ve hung-up my bikes.  Last week on my bike, my USAF Guardian-Angel-Controller came up on the tac band and said, “You have reached the edge of the envelope.  Continuing this package would be unduly-hazardous.  Terminate package, descend to flight level 220, turn to new heading 180° and proceed at 200KIAS to new objective for equipment change.  Acknowledge”.

Yeah, I knew the day would come I’m too old to safely continue the bike as my primary means of transportation.  The only things I didn’t know were whether I would recognize that day, or acknowledge it if I did.  I was granted that recognition and acknolegement plus an excellent, affordable, immediately-available alternative, and those all are cause for great gratitude.

She’s a ’13 Golf, 2.5 L (can you say, “Bounce!”?), six-speed (can you say, “Insanely-good highway mileage”?), four-door.  Silver exterior (perfect for this Valley in summer), black (when parked in summer always I can toss a coupla white towels on the dashboard and driver’s seat) interior.

Five-cylinder.  Ain’t that weird?  The salesperson told me all the big-name Italian ponies have been acquired by VW (had not known that), and this engine simply is one-half of a ten-cylinder engine for a Lamborghini!

I’ll still ride the bikes.  I’ll ride occasionally in traffic.  Now, though, I think my focus will be a return to off-road riding.  For that latter prospect, much enthusiasm and affinity!

Oh, every good car or bicycle deserves a name.  This one’s is Flash.

And one more thing:  How Ya Like Me Now?!?  A little social experiment:  gonna return to the coffeehouses briefly– dressed in street clothes, not cycling duds, natch– and see if I’m still ignored.

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  1. That is awesome! Thank you. I guess by the dealer’s apparent phone number, this is from the UK. If true, then this is just another proof, the classic dry English wit never fails.

    Plus, I’m reminded of a sticker on a Mini: “Actual Size”.

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