Almost the Last One Here for Me…


…and it might be just as well.

This is “Babe Leto”– “Grandma’s Summer”, “Old-Ladies’ Summer”*– and it is always pleasant here in Moscow.  Just two more of these sun-rises, and I am scheduled to begin my journey home.

The leaves still are well on the trees.  Later, in the rays of the afternoon sun, the temperature felt just like Central California.  Went out in shirt sleeves (rolled-up), no jacket.

But there was a strong breeze.  And in the shadows of the apartment high-rises– Soviet-era and newer– it was refreshingly cool.  And it is hard to believe, just one week from now, that breeze may be downright cold and the leaves might be falling.

My scheduled-departure for home is nigh…and here, winter’s arrival might also be…

*just as we Yanks say “Indian Summer”


© Landis McGauhey