A New Year, a new nation

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The site of the brutal-assassinations, in 1918, of the final tsar, Nicholas II, and his family.  The assassinations were committed by henchmen of what would become the dread “KGB”.

A church?

No, it had been a bungalow.  Its location:  the Ural-Mountains city of Yekaterinburg.  The bungalow was razed, in the last days of the old Union, by order of the provincial governor, Boris Yeltsin (destined to be first president of what became the “Russian Federation”).

The birth of the Russian Federation: 1991.

Quickly, on the site of the razed bungalow, construction began of an Orthodox temple. It was to be dedicated to the memory of Tsar Nicholas and his family. It was to be known as the “Temple on the Blood”.

photo © 2010, Landis McGauhey


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Close-up of the temple’s exterior cross: adorned with a frieze of the martyred tsar and his family.

photo © 2010, Landis McGauhey


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The temple’s main entrance.  The legend:

“Holy Martyrs, Please F0rgive Us”.

A national act of repentance. A new nation.

photo © 2010, Landis McGauhey

May the new year, for you and yours, likewise be one of repentance if necessary.  And may the New Year, for you and yours, be one of serenity, reciprocated-love, wise choices, prosperity, and peace.