No! It *can’t* be!

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OK…I’ll try to admit, on this rock are calamities much worse..but this admission won’t be easy…

WSJ reports Hollywood buzz of a sequel to Casablanca:

There’s talk of a sequel to that most storied of Hollywood productions, “Casablanca,” which turned 70 on Thanksgiving Day.

— Noah Isenberg

“That’s Just Wrong!”

“One Film To Rule Them All*”…Casablanca, widely-regarded the best feature of American cinema (and the “desert-island movie” of your humble correspondent), is perfection.  Why tamper with it?  Why tamper with its legacy?  Would the Louvre display something so preposterous as the presumption of an “update” or “re-interpretation” of Mona Lisa?

And the absences of Bogart, Bergman, and Rains (may they rest in peace)?  Don’t get me started!


* Sorry.  Pun unintentional but also unavoidable when I’ve had as little coffee as at present.