I can’t understand the veneration of “ecologically-friendly” automobiles.

Electric?  Unless one is wealthy enough with a ranch with lots of solar and wind– off-the-grid- –one’s electric car simply displaces the emissions.  Or, it increases the number of toxic spent fuel rods (along with the toxic eventually-spent car battery).

Biodiesel?  I’ve lived in the agriculturally-bountiful San Joaquin Valley the lion’s share of well-more than a quarter-century.  I don’t recall seeing corn in commercial quantities before the last couple of years.  Yes, recently there’s been a blossoming (pardon the pun) of corn where none was before.  However, corn’s increasing supply still doesn’t satisfy ever-growing demand.  So corn-prices are at record highs.  And now impoverished Mexicans can’t afford their basic staple:  the humble taco.  Do we really want X-million hungry, pi**ed-off Mexicans with nothing to lose just t’other side of San Diego?  And what about the unknown consequences of the soil amendments necessary to grow corn where it ain’t meant to grow?

Hydrogen?  Oh, yes!  You’ve insulated those containers!  They’re perfectly-safe in any collision.  Yes.  And the dirigible, too, was “safe”.  Just disregard that image of the “safe” Hindenburg attempting to dock at Lakehurst.