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My visit to Russia September 2015.
My pilgrimage complete.
My fourth visit and the 20th anniversary of my first visit.




Twig One, Birthday One!


My first-grandchild’s first birthday party!





“In the City”


An end-of-winter 2015 visit to “The City by the Bay”.  For us Northern Californians, this is almost a pilgrimage.






A scattershot of pix of the lives and times of the finest persons with whom a father could be honored, precious moments shared with the finest brother, late in his life, with whom one could be honored, and recent snippets of my pilgrimage, too.


2013 June Solstice at 65°N


“If you go there, take a mosquito net”*

* apologies to Billy Crystal





Possibly the single most well-known sight worldwide in all Russia-- and You Are There.

Both the “Center” and some “Provinces” of Russia in September 2010:  20 years after the collapse of the old Union, and more than a decade after my prior visit.  Things had changed– a lot!







My return to the automobile after an almost complete absence of three years. I had chosen to ride bicycles. But, my abilities declined, it was time to switch wheels.
Her name is “Flash”– for reasons I trust are obvious.



Blooms of August

Blooms of August
All kinds of flora in the countryside around Ripon California, August 2007




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