The deafening silence

Where is the outrage?  The passionate cries of, “DEFEND MARRIAGE!” are not heard.  The conservatives considering themselves Christian, dominant in this community, are mute.  Their silence is deafening.

A local wife shot and killed her husband recently, reports the ModBee.  No soap-opera writer would dare pen the circumstances of their lives and marriage(s) as described by the Bee.  Such a script would be laughed out of conference.  Why?  Because this couple’s history– especially as regards marriage– as described by the Bee is an amazing example of “fact is stranger than fiction”.

And the avowed “Defenders of Marriage” are not heard.


A Christmas Feral

Y’know Dickens’ Christmas Carol?  Remember, in the first chapter, Nephew Fred’s monologue to the effect, “This is the one time of year when people are kind to one another, yada yada yada”?

Obviously, Nephew Fred never encountered an automobile.  Or a mall.

Especially at Christmastime.