Well, what have we here?

Nothing special. Just age. After a week of fainting and falling and falling and fainting , I went to the hospital (a week…duh). They found more than one subdural hematoma, and there was a small, self-healing fracture. Remind me to tell you about colliding my car into my own carport! The eternal question, “Why am I here?” is answered: “Because you didn’t stroke-out!”. So, my new eternal question is, “How did I not stroke-out?!?”  By the way…anybody interested in taking-over payments on a lease of a l0w-mileage ’17 GTI?!?  (I’ll be glad to take care of the self-inflicted carport-damage!)


Adversarial Dialogue

Always try to avoid it.  Avoid starting an adversarial dialogue.  But if the other persists and you can’t avoid an adversarial dialogue, you are all-in.  So, as already you are all-in, most tactics are acceptable. First, it’s always about the issue, never the person.  Thus, no Ad-Hominem remarks!  Second, never thrust.  Always parry. Best parry: try to move the other off-message and keep the other there.  Countering questions with questions is often successful.  Finally, try to end adversarial dialogue at the first and every opportunity.  It rarely accomplishes anything.