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“Here Comes the Sun”

Finally!  *Someone (who matters) agrees with me: daylight-“savings” time is a crock. *”Daylight Saving Time isn’t worth it, European Parliament members say”

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Robert Harris Hutchinson, London 25 October 2016 Note:  Beware.  Following may be a spoiler. Unable to even begin to figure out the possibility, let-alone plausibility, of conclusion.  But, all reviewers love the book.  So, my inability likely a reflection of … Continue reading

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“And Lead Us Not Into Temptation”

This I’m supposed to sincerely say to the One who created– from the perspective of my preference– women?  Wha…?

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Don’t Leave me Holding the Bag

So, I’m on the front porch. Here comes this guy from across the street. In his hand, a bag of nice clothes I had discretely (I thought) placed in his side yard, for collection by street people. He says, “Stop … Continue reading

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He’s Got It! I Think He’s Got It! Or not.

  I have devoted the past eight years to my inability to comprehend the need for, or value of, a tablet as opposed to an ultrabook. And suddenly, yesterday, I got it.  Or not. Because I am too dumb to … Continue reading

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