“Good night”

Oakhurst, California, January 2009, about midnight.

I awoke this morning to realize in amazement I had slept through the night…nine hours in fact.  And I awoke in a positive mood, so it had not been the sleep of depression.  Can’t recall the last time that happened.

“Well! I *never*!”

Well! I *never*!Yeah, yeah we could tell already…

I’ve never seen this.  No badges, but I would describe at as a Rabbit station wagon.  Domestic (read, “Germany”*) only?  Third-World only?  All suggestions and answers welcome.

*Well, West Germany at the time of its manufacture, no doubt.



There is nothing to fear*.

How could there be anything fearsome or malign in a universe with such a sense of irony if not humor?

2012:  the fall of two guys of note, both named “Armstrong”:  one (may he rest in peace) falls from the cosmos to earth a hero; the other (may he find grace and mercy and may we all find wisdom) falls from his bicycle to the rough road a goat.

In the words of one of my mentors (Bart Simpson), “You can’t make this stuff up!”

* apologies to Count Tolstoy