Don’t Leave me Holding the Bag

So, I’m on the front porch. Here comes this guy from across the street. In his hand, a bag of nice clothes I had discretely (I thought) placed in his side yard, for collection by street people.

He says, “Stop putting bags of clothes on my yard!”

And turns and walks away.

With the bag still in his hand.

OK, what I had done was stupid. My purpose in across the street was to not attract street people to my door. I’ve been doing it for months. I’ve been casting-off everything possible as my pending re-lo to Fresno may be The Last Roundup. In any case, it’s autumn in my life and I’m ready to travel light.

Yes, my method was stupid, wire-to-wire.

But I did enjoy his holding the bag.

He’s Got It! I Think He’s Got It! Or not.



I have devoted the past eight years to my inability to comprehend the need for, or value of, a tablet as opposed to an ultrabook.

And suddenly, yesterday, I got it.  Or not.

Because I am too dumb to be able to take notes on the phone while talking on the phone, I walk around with a folio in my purse.  Yesterday, a moment of clarity.  Or not:  “Why not a tablet instead of the folio?  And a tablet would be much nicer on which to read books”.

Wrong.  “Nobody makes ’em that small anymore”, sniffed the AT&T Store May-I-Help-You Person when I showed him my folio.

Now, I Don’t Get It More Than Ever.

Musical Location


Today, I’m in a U2 place.

Which reminds me: I wonder, had they considered changing their name to, “TR-1”?