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Today, I'm in a U2 place.

Which reminds me: I wonder, had they considered changing their name to, "TR-1"?

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Dietary No-No’s: New Kid in Town

What is a "GMO"? And, why do I not want it?
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You can be dehumanized by another, only by your permission.
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W. O. W.

Thelma 2017 Executive Producer:  Sigve Endresen Director:  Joachim Trier Language:  Norwegian (w/English subtitles) Brilliant, yet accessible. Accessible even for we who must rely on subtitles. Subtitles generally risk distraction. Not here. Compelling. The first scene is brief. Yet, it is profound, and begs explanation. That explanation is provided by the conclusion. The intervening suspense makes the film all the more compelling. Defies categorization  (I can, however, uncategorize it:  this is no comedy).   Original, inasmuch as anything can be after thousands of years of humanity (that's the first and last time I will qualify "original").  Viewer need not be Norwegian, young, or old, to appreciate it. I doubt I am capable of a complete, accurate, and concise synopsis, so I won't try. Special kudos to precocious star Eili Harboe. Her character must have been difficult to portray. Yet, she not only portrays the role, she masters it. Kudos to Endresen, Trier as director and writer, and all other writers. Perhaps, members of some Christian communities, might find it offensive.
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Wisdom of Old Age, #446, (g) and (r)

  • g:  "Whatever you're doing, stop-it".
  • r:  "Whatever you plan to do, don't".
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