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Lance Armstrong Told The Truth

It turns out, after all, indeed, apparently, “It’s Not About The Bike”.

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Director:  Robert Zemeckis Writer:  John Gatins Some might gripe the film’s title is misleading.  They would, however, be unaware  there’s more than one meaning to the word. This drama is important.  How many artworks attain that? This film’s empathy is … Continue reading

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I can’t understand the veneration of “ecologically-friendly” automobiles. Electric?  Unless one is wealthy enough with a ranch with lots of solar and wind– off-the-grid- –one’s electric car simply displaces the emissions.  Or, it increases the number of toxic spent fuel … Continue reading

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Did I say “Bike”..?

…I think I meant, “Golf”. Yeah, I’ve hung-up my bikes.  Last week on my bike, my USAF Guardian-Angel-Controller came up on the tac band and said, “You have reached the edge of the envelope.  Continuing this package would be unduly-hazardous.  … Continue reading

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No! It *can’t* be!

OK…I’ll try to admit, on this rock are calamities much worse..but this admission won’t be easy… WSJ reports Hollywood buzz of a sequel to Casablanca: There’s talk of a sequel to that most storied of Hollywood productions, “Casablanca,” which turned … Continue reading

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