Disneyland opened 63 years ago today.

Oh.  And I was born the day Disneyland opened.
Which may explain a thing or two.
About me.

Love is Greater

Love is not linear.  Love is a spectrum.

There are several loves.  None is superior or inferior to another.   There is no hierarchy with “friendship”, inferior, at the bottom, and “romance”, superior, at the top.

Friendship is a love as powerful and redeeming as romance.

I get no credit for mentioning this.  Ancient Greek thinkers are most famous for  defining it.  They saw four loves; their language had four words for “love”.   I won’t take your time.  You can look them up.  Or, you can read “The Four Loves”, by the great C.S. Lewis.

Friendship is not a consolation prize.

Once Upon a Summer Solstice…again…

About 2100 hrs 20 June to about 0300 hrs 21 June 2013.
From the peak of Aurora Hill AK
About 25mi NE Fairbanks.
Had to cheat the dawn because of the clouds of a rapidly-incoming easterly squall.
That’s OK. Maybe I’ll try it again!

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Should the Private Behave Upright?

RTAFB Korat, summer, 1974

“To produce less foam, beer should be poured into a container:

  • upright, or
  • at an angle”

This question was on the AFQT in 1973. Truly.

The correct answer was helpful off-duty. Whether the  correct answer proved anything on duty, I never figured out during my Army term.

Must have had something to do with Vietnam.

Like everything else.