An End of War

Scavenged, battle-damaged hulk of U.S. RF4-C “Phantom II”, Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base, 1975.
© Landis McGauhey, 1975, 2019

Forty-four years ago today, what we Americans call the Vietnam War, ended.

The end of the war comprised the capture of the capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, on this date, 1975, by mechanized infantry of North Vietnam.

The war certainly had not ended, as most Americans believe, March, 1973, with the conclusion of the Paris Accord.  That document, as for American concerns, only pledged an end of American military activity in either Vietnam.

Even such an end of American military involvement is unlikely.  At least, American air forces stationed in Thailand likely continued tactical attacks against the Army of North Vietnam in its invasion of South Vietnam.

War by any other name is still war.