“Stages”? Really?

So…there are “stages” of pain…and, then, the pain ends?

Sometimes..I hope there are “stages” to the fame of the ideas of Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross…and then, that fame ends.

6 thoughts on ““Stages”? Really?”

    1. Thank you for your generous remarks. You are welcome to join the community and participate in the conversation. I note your address top-level domain is “de”. I lived in Frankfurt A.M. as a child (I am American; my father was a U.S. career soldier stationed at Frankfurt Post). And, I note your URL refers to North Carolina; my dear late brother resided in Asheville. Again, thank you.

    1. Fielin dank! Perhaps you can help me re-learn the German language. I lived in Frankfurt A.M. when I was a young child, 1960 — 1963.

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