Thank the stars. I am gifted with the insight I have been consuming a solution for which I no longer have a problem.

Thus, I can quit this former solution.

In the interests of empathy and clarity, I’ll ditch “privacy” and be explicit: Alprazolam.

It took perhaps a week of cheating the ragged edge of sleep deprivation to– I hope– break my addiction. Alprazolam is “scheduled” and that’s good, as, indeed, I, at least, found it addictive.

this med, I no longer need
I have been using it “off-label”
this med’s “on-label” target is anxiety.
Yet, I can’t tell you the last time I had an anxiety/panic attack.
Rather, I was using it off-label as a sleep-aide.
So, again, after a week of experimentation, I found I could, without ℞, relax.

Last night, the first good-night’s sleep in about a week or two.
Ok. That’s the essence. Background follows, in case you are interested.

Regarding mail-delivery at my apartment-complex: something bad is happening.
Recently, the VA faithfully mailed my refill. Ths USPS site confirmed my receipt.
Yet, have I received it, I haven’t seen it.
I followed up with the USPS delivery-person. This person said my lack of receipt was because street-people have been ripping-off the USPS delivery-lockers
Well…just a moment’s consideration, and, for me, at least, that “explanation” is suspect-scheiße.
A much-more likely explanation appears present.
And, on that note, in the interest of discretion, I conclude.