The show’s third season now-available on Netflix.

This is a show well-produced in every respect.  What’s more, each cast-member is of outstanding talent.  Where is such talent found?  We are fortunate to have such talent outside the “A-List”.

“Travelers” return from the future to prevent our choices resulting in the almost-certain destruction of Earth, and extinction of humanity.

Only personalities– not bodies– can be so-transported.  Routinely, Travelers’ personalities are “written” into repaired bodies of those whose imminent death is historical record.

So, lots of dramatic complications occur between the personality of the traveler, and the former personality of its hoist.


  • a healthy temperament can find itself imprisoned in a heroin-addicted  body
  • a temperament with the knowledge and wisdom of hundreds of years of life can find itself within the body of an adolescent.
  • complications in friendships and marriages are innumerable

Challenges for any actor.

Yet every aspect of the show is well-produced.  My recommendation:  go watch!

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