My Second Birthday

6 August 2006: My last bottle of vodka went down the drain immediately after I woke up. Have been clean & sober since. Much gratitude to all, here and above.  Without such help, I could not stay sober.

Millions of Lives Saved 73 Years Ago Today

The first nuclear bomb dropped in combat, 6 August 1945.  The aircraft that dropped the bomb, B-29 “Enola Gay”.  Col. Paul W. Tibbets, aircraft-commander, in khakis at parade-rest, at center.  The aircraft was named for Tibbets’ mother.


Millions of lives of many nations were saved with the first combat-deployments of nuclear weapons, over Imperial Japan, August, 1945.

The first deployment was 6 August over the city of Hiroshima.  The bomber was a B-29 dubbed “Enola Gay” (for the commander’s mother).

Millions of lives of many nations, including Imperial Japan, would have been lost in an invasion of Imperial Japan.  Such invasion would have been necessary had there been no nuclear bomb.  That invasion, Operations Coronet and Olympic, already was-planned on 6 August, 1945.

The Imperial Japanese military would have fought with unforeseen-tenacity and courage, and in mass-suicide.  Civilian deaths of such an invasion are incalculable.

Nonetheless, Allied victory of such an invasion would have been assured.  But the human cost would have been on a drastic scale far-unforeseen.  It would have exceeded by-far even the scale of loss at the horrible battle of Stalingrad.

And, also, it is assured, the nation-state of Japan no-longer would exist.

And, it is all but certain, I would not be here to write this.

Photo courtesy USAF

Would it be an Act of War?

Digital-hacking of the U.S. 2016 elections:
for this, several officers of Russia’s foreign-intelligence service recently were indicted by a U.S. federal grand jury.

This hacking allegedly was against the U.S. Democratic Party, and allegedly against the campaign of U.S. Democratic-Party presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Would such hacking be an act of war?

Perhaps not. The President of the United States recently absolved Russia of international digital-hacking. And there are no screams of outrage, from Flyover Country, against Russia’s alleged hacking.

Would Flyover-Country be as silent if the alleged-hacking targets had been Republicans?  Would Flyover Country be as silent if the president absolving Russia were a Democrat?  Would Flyover Country consider such hacking an act of war?

It seems, one just can’t help but wonder.